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 GSC Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Soccer: (updated 4/10/21)
The following is a list of questions about the Travel Program.  The Rec Program has its own FAQ under development, and will be presented soon.
Where can I mail a check or other information needed by the club?
Geneseo Soccer Club
P.O. BOX 244
Geneseo, IL, 61254

What is a typical travel soccer season like?
Fall – Mid August through October (typically 8 games) with practice 2 times a week. 
Winter – Indoor soccer league in Atkinson (optional) January through February Sundays only (6 games).
Spring – Mid March through June (typically 6 games) with practice 2 times a week.
Tournaments – Coaches will make tournament recommendations based on the skill level of the players.  Generally you can expect to participate in 4-6 tournaments a year.  These are in addition to your normal travel fees.  2 Per Fall Season and 2 in the Spring are the normal for U9-U15.  There are no guaranteed minimum number of games, but typically Illowa has 8 in the fall and 6 in the spring as standard number of games.  It is up to each team to schedule at the Illowa scheduling meeting their games for each season.  2 team representatives are required to attend the scheduling meeting each season.  It is usually the head coach, but it does not have to be the head coach, assistant coaches and team managers often coordinate schedules for their perspective team.

How much travel is involved?
Each season (Fall & Spring) teams typically play 3-4 home and 3-4 away games in their respective league.  This varies from year to year, but typically you average 50/50 split on home and away games.  The home games will be played at Richmond Hill fields.  Away games are played at the fields of other teams in the league.  You can expect to play teams from Bettendorf, Clinton, Davenport, Dubuque, Dewitt, East Moline, Freeport, Macomb, Moline, Muscatine, Eldridge, Orion, Rock Island, Dixon, Kewanee, and Sterling.
How are travel teams selected?
Players are assigned teams based on evaluations from tryouts and with input from the Head Coach of the age appropriate travel team.  Evaluations are conducted by GSC Coaches to insure players are evaluated correctly and placed on skill appropriate teams.  GSC teams are re-formed each year through this tryout process.  Players on U13 and above are expected to meet a minimum standard of competitive skills.
What does it cost beyond annual travel league fees?
GSC is a nonprofit organization so the cost may vary each year based on the number of players and the success of our fundraisers.  You can expect to pay between $120 - $300 for the entire year, plus additional uniform costs if applicable. 
Does everyone make the travel team?
At the younger ages (U8-U12) the goal is to teach the players advanced soccer and further their enjoyment of the game; therefore most players in these age groups will be placed in the program, not to exceed two full teams.  At the older ages (U13 through U14), there may be cases where some players will not make the team, or remain on the team they played with the prior year.  This depends on three factors:  the number of players that attend tryouts, the skill level of those players and how many different teams are in the age division. 
How many players are selected for each travel team?
Different age groups in travel soccer play with different game formats, and have different roster sizes.  Coaches usually carry fewer players than the maximum allowed optimizing players’ playing time in games.  The following are the roster sizes for the different age divisions in GSC.
                Under 9 & Under 10 Teams         7 vs. 7 game format      8 – 14 players on each team
                Under 11 – Under 12 Teams       9 vs. 9 game format      10 – 16 players on each team
                Under 13 & Under 14 Teams       11 vs. 11 game format  12 – 18 players on each team
                High School Teams                   11 vs. 11 game format   15 – 22 players on each team
Can my child tryout in a different age group for a travel team?
It is the policy of GSC that all players must play with the age group that is defined by the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) unless approved by the GSC Board of Directors.  This policy applies to U14 teams and below.  This policy and age appropriate guidelines will not apply for U15 and above.
Exception Examples:
1)  Grade appropriate is a reasonable exception.  For example, this can come into play when a player is young for their grade and desires to “play up” in order to be with classmates. 
2)  When forming new start up teams, we may not have enough players.  Therefore, we may form teams with younger players in order to start a team.

What is the current breakdown of teams by age related to birth year?

This applies to the 2021-2022 school year.

Birth YEAR        REC          TRAVEL

2017                   U6           Not allowed

2016                   U6           Not allowed

2015                   U8           Not allowed

2014                   U8            U8

2013                   U11          U9

2012                   U11          U10

2011                   U11          U11

2010                   MS          U12

2009                   MS          U13

2008                   MS          U14

2007                   MS          U15



GSC Frequently Asked Questions about REC Soccer:

What is a typical rec soccer season like?

U6 is the start of REC soccer, and players can start in the U6 Academy.  Practices can be  held 1 night a week for all U6 teams, or if coaches choose to split up, they can group practices into 2-3 teams to make things more managable.  The teams will most often, be broken down into boys and girls groups.  A parent or a guardian for each player for this age group is expected to attend each practice.  

For all older teams, the coaches choose nights, times and locations for each team.

What does it cost  to play?

The cost to play REC soccer, if you sign up by the deadline is $42 per season.  

Do we have to play both in the fall and the spring?

You can choose to play in both, and most players do play together as a team in both seasons.  Some players do not play in one of the seasons, either the spring or the fall, and that is ok as well.  Registration is required for each season independently.

How are coaches picked?

Coaches are all parent volunteers.  When a coach steps up and volunteers, they are assigned to their child's team.

When are games played?

Games are played on Saturday mornings usually between 8-12:00  (8:30am, 10am, 11am and 11:30am)  With COVID-19 complications,  they may go until 12:30PM.  In the fall, we normally have to shift 1 morning game to the afternoon due to cross country conflicts with Richmond Hill.  In the fall, sometimes the city blocks out a morning at Richmond Hill, and we play some games on Saturday afternoon.

When and where are practices held?

Players have practices based entirely on coaches availability.  Older coaches use places all over town for practices, when and where ever it makes sense to meet up.  Sometimes at Richmond Hill at Culver Valley, elementary schools in town, parks, churches, or even out on wolf road at the Hazelwood fields. 

Does everyone make it on a team?

If you sign up before the deadline, and there are enough players signed up to play for each age group, teams will form and everyone will play.  There are usually tons of kids (well over 250) that play REC and usually enough for 4-8 teams per age group. 

How does playing time work?

Teams are kept small compared to the origins of Geneseo Soccer, to increase playing time for each child.  Playing time should be fairly even so that no one player gets a full quarter of playing time more than any other player.

Are there co-ed teams and how many play on the field?

Boys and Girls play in different divisions when there are enough boy and girl players to field 3-4 teams of each group. We typically want even number teams, so that no one is forced to play double headers.  Sometimes the numbers in a group boys and girls to play in the same division, this is done mostly for the older age groups.  U10 and older often have coed teams.  U6 and U8 almost always are divided by gender.

The younger age groups play either 3v3 or 4v4 without goalies.  This includes U5,U6,U7, and U8.  Not until U9 and U10 does the format change to 6v6 or 7v7 with goalies.  The standards for US soccer are applied whenever we can. We sometimes have to modify team formation and players on the field based on the number we get by age group in each division.  Normally U9 and U10 play 7v7.  U11 and U12 player 9v9  U13, U14 and U15 typically will play 11 v 11 if there are enough to form 2 full teams at that age.  The number of players signed up at all ages impacts team sizes more at the U13 and above age than any other.  

Where can we practice?  I would like to practice where we play our games.  

Unfortunately we cannot practice on every field where games are played.  We can get away with doing this for younger kids on Fields 2 and 3.  But Fields 1,4,5,and 6 have much heavier players, and many more teams that use these fields for games. These are the 4 Restricted Practice fields mentioned above that ALL Teams REC and TRAVEL are never to be used for warmups, scrimmages, or practices.  They are reserved for actual games on Saturday and Sunday. 

There are lots of places all over town, and out of town that teams can practice.  Richmond Hill is where games are played for both REC and TRAVEL Leagues.  Please check map on this page for any clarification on what fields 1,4,5,6 are located. You may have to scroll to the right (depending on screen size) to see entire RH field options.





There is a more detailed version of the above map for Rec including a breakdown of Field 2 and 3.  It is located below.