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Commonly Asked Questions 

How are age groups formed?  Teams are formed based on player birth year and not their grade level.  Sometimes teams are a combination of birth years.  

 For 2022-2023 Season
  • U6 (2017/2018)

  • U8 (2016/2015)

  • U11 (2014-2012)

  • Middle School (2011-2008)

When are games?  Games are held on Saturday mornings at Richmond Hill. Game time will depend on the number of teams and may vary week to week.  A season schedule will be shared when teams are posted. ​​​

Shin Guards  Every player is required to wear shin guards.  They can be any style you'd like as long as they are meant for soccer. Players will be checked before each game by the game official. 

Cleats  Younger players may choose to wear cleats, but can also wear regular gym shoes.  Typically, the older kids prefer to wear cleats to achieve better footing on the fields.  However, if your player wears cleats, they must be SOCCER CLEATS.  Baseball and football cleats are not allowed due to their "spike" shape and location.  They are not meant to be used to kick and can injure other players.  Officials will check player shoes/cleats prior to beginning each game.  If the wrong style cleat is worn, the player may change into approved footwear if possible or will be required to sit the game. 

Ball Size  Players should bring their own ball to each practice.  Different age groups use different size balls.

  • U5/U6:Size 3
  • U8: Size 3
  • U11: Size 4
  • Middle School: Size 5

Practices  Practice days, times, and locations are scheduled by coaches.  They will be provided with a list of locations available to hold practices during the week.  With the younger teams, it is often helpful if two teams practice together which allows for collaboration among coaches and scrimmages.  Parents of U6 players must stay for practice. 


Field Dimensions by Age Group

**Information taken from Illinois Youth Soccer -- http://www.illinoisyouthsoccer.org